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Website design

We off a range of web design methods so we can tailor the solution to your needs. When creating simple HTML sites (most websites are HTML based) we follow W3C (world wide web consortium) guide lines and use CSS. As well as meaning your site will be viewed consistently in different browsers this also means we can add support for mobile devices.

We can also use JavaScript and php to add dynamic content to your site. For example including pictures which change constantly or displaying the time.


When we build websites we don't just think about how they look to your visitors - we also consider what they look like to search engines. If you already have a website which doesn't rank well then it might not be very visible to the search engines.

We submit all our websites to search engines, which is both easy to do and free. Unfortunately there is no easy way to have your site ranked highly by search engines, so don't believe anyone who says otherwise. To increase your search engine listings you need a site which is highly visible to search engines but you also need to show them that your site is "important" by being linked to from many other "important" sites. Therefore a simple and tedious process is the only sensible way of increasing your search engine rankings and this is a service that we offer.

If you're looking for large numbers of site visitors pay-per-click adverts are an excellent way of achieving this- you can pay to be displayed next to certain search results on Google for example. We offer consulting on this and a range of other online advertising opportunities. If you'd like to make money from your website you can also place adverts on it.